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If you have a passion for wild places, and wish to preserve the beauty and heritage of South Georgia for future generations, why not join us? We welcome anyone who cares for the future of the island.


SGA Webinar Thu 25 June: Three talks

The South Georgia Association is pleased to present three talks on Thursday 25 June 2020 using the Zoom online platform. Three speakers will each give a short talk of approximately twenty minutes. See the Events page for more details.

South Georgia Association

The South Georgia Association was formed to give voice to those who care for South Georgia. South Georgia is a remote mountainous island of exceptional natural beauty in the Southern Atlantic, with abundant wildlife both on the island and in the surrounding ocean. Uninhabited apart from two small research stations and a few government employees, it is an unspoilt wilderness with a fascinating heritage that is none the less environmentally vulnerable.

Velkommen til South Georgia Association (Foreningen for Sør-Georgia). Foreningen ble dannet som et talerør for alle som bryr seg om Sør-Georgia. Vi ønsker deg hjertelig velkommen som medlem av foreningen dersom du deler vår hengivenhet og interesse for Sør-Georgia og ønsker å følge med i utviklingen der.

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