Books about South Georgia published within the last 20 years

Agnew, David J
Fishing South. The History and Management of South Georgia Fisheries.

2004. 123 pp

All about the successful management of South Georgia's fisheries by the scientist who advises the government.

Angel, Malcolm.
Too few too far. The true story of a Royal Marine commando.

Amberley Publishing. 2008. 159 pp.

An 'as told to' account of George Thomsen's involvement in the Falklands Conflict with masses of purple prose and bootneck chatter. The second half of the book covers the taking of South Georgia by Argentinean forces.

Basberg, Bjørn L.
The Shore Whaling Stations at South Georgia. A study in Antarctic Industrial Archaeology.

Novus Forlag. 2004. 226 pp.

Primarily the results of a research project on the archaeology of the whaling stations which analyses how they were designed and operated. This is set in the context of the wider history of South Georgia

Brown, Nan
Antarctic Housewife.

Hutchinson. 1971. Reprinted Infographics.1996. 190 pp.

A charming book about life at King Edward Point in the 1950s by the wife of the radio operator.

Burton, Robert
The Maritime History of South Georgia

South Georgia Heritage Trust. 2013. 32 pp.

Robert Burton introduces the history of South Georgia from the perspective of the vessels that have sailed its stormy waters. The booklet is richly illustrated with photographs, and includes a map showing the sites of the many wrecks around South Georgia.

Burton, Robert & Stephen Venables
Shackleton at South Georgia.

South Georgia Heritage Trust. 2008. 24 pp.

Produced as a fundraiser, this booklet is made up Burton's descriptions of Shackleton's three visits to South Georgia and Venables' account of retracing Shackleton's route across the island.

Carr, Tim & Pauline
Antarctic Oasis. Under the spell of South Georgia.

Norton. 1998. 256 pp.

Large format book with an account of the island based on the authors' life and adventures over several years in the yacht Curlew. Brilliant photographs.

Dickinson, AB.
Seal fisheries of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies: an historical review.

International Maritime Economic History Association. 2007. 202 pp.

Scholarly review of the sealing industry by the last Sealing Inspector at South Georgia.

Elliot, Gerald.
A Whaling Enterprise. Salvesen in the Antarctic.

Michael Russell. 1998.

Salvesen's whaling operations and the unsuccessful attempts to regulate the industry by an insider, great grandson of Christian Salvesen, who spent his working life in the company.

Fraser, Gibbie.
Shetland's Whalers Remember

2001. 238 pp.

A collection of reminiscences by 51 Shetland whalers.

Gordon, Tam.
Whaling Thoughts Recalled. 'a way of life'.

No date.176 pp.

A collection of reminiscences of Leith Harbour and Southern Harvester by Salvesen employees.

Grant, Jamie.
Summer in South Georgia.

Watermill Books. 2016. 144 pp.

Colour photographs of the wildlife and landscape of South Georgia from the 'Artist in Residence' on the island during the 2015-2016 winter.

Hart, Ian B.
Pesca. A History of the Pioneer Modern Whaling Company in the Antarctic.

Aidan Ellis. 2002. 548 pp.

A monumental book on the history of the company that operated Grytviken. Stuffed with facts by an author who has made this subject his life's work!

Hart, Ian B.
Whaling in the Falkland Islands Dependencies 1904-1931.

Pequena. 2006. 365 pp.

Covers whaling in the Dependencies from first reports by Cook and Ross of abundant whales to the collapse of the whale oil market in 1931.

Hart, Ian.
Antarctic Magistrate: a life through the lens of the camera.

Pequena. 2009. 303 pp.

Edward Binnie was magistrate at South Georgia from 1912 to 1927. He left scores of glass plate negatives of South Georgia and other whaling areas, many of which are reproduced in this biography.

Headland, Robert.
The Island of South Georgia.

Cambridge University Press. Paperback 2009. 293 pp.

First published in 1984, this summary of South Georgia has long been out of print. Although this edition is unchanged and so out of date in many places, it is an still an essential possession for everyone interested in the island.

Kohl-Larsen, L.
South Georgia. Gateway to Antarctica.

1930. English edition Bluntisham Books 2003.

A fascinating account of the first attempt to explore the interior of South Georgia, together with original observations of wildlife.

Lunde, Stig-Tore (ed.).
Grytviken seen through a camera lens.

Institut Minos. 2004. 127 pp.

A collection of excellent and fascinating photographs of life at Grytviken by Theodor Andersson who worked there in 1923.

Matzen, Thies andEricson, Kicki.
Antarktische Wildnis: Südgeorgien.

Mare. 2014. 168 pp.

A high-quality photo book about South Georgia, where Thies and Kicki spent 26 consecutive months on board their yacht, Wanderer III. In German, but available with an English language insert from

Ommanney, FD.
South Latitude.

Longmans. 1938. 2nd edition 1965. Paperback: Read Books. 2006. 328 pp.

Amusing and lively account of the Discovery Investigations by a whale biologist working at Grytviken and elsewhere.

Pearson, Bruce
Troubled Waters: trailing the albatross, an artist's journey

Langford Press. 2012

Troubled Waters transforms a personal passion for albatrosses into a thought-provoking personal story that brings to life the open ocean and which responds to an urgent contemporary conservation issue.

Perkins, Roger.
Operation Paraquat. The Battle for South Georgia.

Picton Publishing. 1986. 262 pp.

'The events of 1982' in detail, with the history of South Georgia that led up to them.

Poncet, Sally.
Antarctic Encounter: Destination South Georgia.

Simon & Schuster. 1995. 48 pp.

A charming book for children about Sally's three sons' adventures sailing around South Georgia aboard the yacht Damien II.

Poncet, Sally & Kim Crosbie.
A Visitor's Guide to South Georgia

Wildguides. 2005. 180 pp.

A 'must' for visitors. A good 'potted' account of the island followed by detailed descriptions of 23 places to explore.

Poncet, Sally and Jerome Poncet.
Southern Ocean Cruising.

ERA. 2007.

Schafer, Kevin.
South Georgia, Antarctic sanctuary.

Coach House Publications. 2006. 96 pp.

Mouth-watering wildlife photographs by a professional photographer who toured the island as a guest of HMS Endurance.

Tatham, David. (ed.)
The Dictionary of Falklands Biography (including South Georgia).

Self-published. 2008. 576 pp.

Authoritative detailed biographies of notable people by a former Commisioner and founding chairman of the SGA.

Trendall, Alec (with a chapter by Walter Roots)
Putting South Georgia on the map

Self-published. 2011, 216 pp.

An account of the South Georgia Surveys, privately organised and led by Duncan Carse in the 1950s. These led to the publication in 1958 of DOS 610, the first accurately surveyed map of the whole island, which stood as the definitive map of South Georgia for nearly half a century. The story is told, by a member of his first two expeditions, within the context of Carse's colourful life and unfulfilled ambitions, and is illustrated by over 100 contemporary colour photographs never previously published.

There are more details at, where the book is available for sale.

Venables, Stephen.
Island at the edge of the world.

Hodder & Staughton. 1991.