GSGSSI Consultation: Developing Criteria for Monitoring the Implementation of the ‘Protect Sustain Inspire’ five-year plan.

UPDATE: The Deadline has been extended to 24 November 2021.

South Georgia’s government (GSGSSI) recently published ‘Protect, Sustain, Inspire’ (PSI), their five-year framework for managing the territory over the next few years. They are now developing a system of Milestones and Success Criteria, by which their progress in implementing the aims of the framework can be gauged.

GSGSSI have published a four-page document describing a preliminary set of milestones they have identified, and inviting your views on other milestones that might be appropriate, and their relative priorities, or indeed any of their milestones that might not be appropriate. Deadline for submission via the online form is 24 November 2021 (extended from 12 November).

to see the PSI document, the consultation document, and to take part in the online survey on the GSGSSI website.

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