SGA Video Recordings

SGA Online Talks – Drones, Dias/Viola, Government Update

25 November 2020

Recording of three talks presented online. In the first, John Dickens tells us about how the use of drones boosts our ability to observe and count wildlife. Then Robb Robinson tells us a little about the history of the sealer Dias, her previous life as the Hull trawler Viola , and plans to take her back to her birthplace and be the centrepiece of the Hull Maritime Museum. Finally Steve Brown, Director of Operations for the South Georgia Government, brings us an update on how they have managed through this difficult year. His Excellency the Commissioner for SGSSI joins him to answer some questions.

SGA Online Talks – Jetty Extension and Rodent Monitoring

9 September 2020

Recording of the last part of our online talks presented on 9 September 2020. Unfortunately we did not record the first part of the programme but here are the last four minutes of Joe Corner’s talk about the 2019/20 KEP jetty extension and Pat Lurcock’s 32-minute talk about the 2017/18 monitoring project, aimed at gauging the success of the rodent eradication project. Introduced by Martin Collins.

Duncan Carse – Survival in Limbo


Documentary starring Carse, telling the story of his attempt to spend a year alone at his Ducloz Head camp in 1961.

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