Here is a small selection of websites that concentrate on South Georgia issues. If you have any suggestions for any websites that you think members would be interested in, please do get in touch HERE.

South Georgia Government

The Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands website contains essential information for visitors, current news, and details of Government policy
South Georgia Heritage Trust
The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) is a charitable body that manages the museum at Grytviken and undertakes conservation projects on the island.
Profits contribute towards the work of the The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT)
South Georgia Museum
Take a virtual tour and view some of the exhibits at the museum website.
Wikipedia entry
View (and contribute) to the Wikipedia entry for South Georgia.
South Georgia GIS
The South Georgia Geographic Information System (GIS) is a web-based visualisation and management tool, displaying information from a database of the wildlife, human history and changing physical environment of the island.
Dictionary of Falklands Biography including South Georgia
Detailed biographies of key figures in Falkland Islands and South Georgia history. It is frequently updated as new information becomes available.
South Georgia’s Cemeteries
Documentation of the cemeteries on South Georgia, burials/losses at sea, ashes.
British Antarctic Survey
BAS operates the research stations at King Edward Point and Bird Island.
The vascular flora of South Georgia
List of plants commonly found on the island, with photos.
UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum
The UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum promotes the conservation of the diverse and increasingly threatened plant and animal species and natural habitats of the UK Overseas Territories.
Friends of the British Overseas Territories
Friends of the British Overseas Territories is a charitable organisation which aims to support, increase awareness and promote the Overseas Territories in the UK and across the world.
Friends of Dias/Viola
The Friends of Viola/Dias are working to secure the preservation and restoration of the ‘Dias’, which lies at Grytviken, and was originally built in Hull as the steam trawler ‘Viola’.
South Georgia pictures
A personal collection of photographs from around the island.
Athy Heritage Centre Museum
Includes information about the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School in Athy.
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