The South Georgia Association

The South Georgia Association was formed in 2001 to give voice to those who care for South Georgia. South Georgia is a remote mountainous island of exceptional natural beauty in the Southern Atlantic, with abundant wildlife both on the island and in the surrounding ocean. Uninhabited apart from two small research stations, a summer Museum, and a few government employees, it is an unspoilt wilderness with a fascinating heritage that is nonetheless environmentally vulnerable.

The Association has several hundred members from all walks of life. Many have worked on the island as scientists, government employees or whalers; others have visited on climbing expeditions and from cruise ships. Some have never had the opportunity to visit, but share a passion for the island nonetheless.

Velkommen til South Georgia Association (Foreningen for Sør-Georgia). Foreningen ble dannet som et talerør for alle som bryr seg om Sør-Georgia. Vi ønsker deg hjertelig velkommen som medlem av foreningen dersom du deler vår hengivenhet og interesse for Sør-Georgia og ønsker å følge med i utviklingen der.

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