Morag Husband Campbell Medal 2018 – Awarded to Bob Burton

The South Georgia Association is delighted to announce the award of its newly struck medal for 2018 to Mr Robert Wellesley Burton, “for outstanding contributions to the study and conservation of wildlife and the heritage of South Georgia“. The medal was presented at the annual spring meeting of the Association in London.

The Citation from the Proposers:

As a scientist employed by BAS and FIDS during the 60’s and early 70’s he undertook pioneer research into the ecology and life cycle of Albatross and seals On assuming the directorship of the South Georgia Museum in (from 1994 – 1998) following the untimely death of the museums founding director, Nigel Bonner. He steered the Museum to a broader focus and coordinated extensive repairs to the Grytviken Church following major storm damage. Bob has continued to enthusiastically volunteer both his time and energy to assisting the work of the South Georgia Association, South Georgia Heritage Trust and the James Caird Society. He has written /edited/published books on South Georgia including “A Field Guide to the Wildlife of South Georgia” – both Editing and writing (with John Croxall) proceeds of which went to the SGHT, “South Georgia” (Government of South Georgia), “Shackleton at South Georgia” (with Stephen Venables) and “Important Bird Areas of South Georgia” (with Clarke, Croxall, Poncet, and Martin). He has documented many various aspects of South Georgia Heritage, including ‘Louise’ and other wrecks of South Georgia, The Grytviken Hydro power plant and more recently sealing beaches of South Georgia. He has given specialist advice supporting the SGHT/GSGSSI “Rat eradication programme” and other heritage matters including the protection and preservation of the record of the earliest human activities at South Georgia. Bob is an excellent “tourism” ambassador in his role as cruise ship guide promoting interest and support of all aspects of South Georgia His commitment to furthering all aspects knowledge of South Georgia heritage is unfailing. His ability to cajole and stimulate others into contributing, time, knowledge, articles and photographs to the ‘collective knowledge’ is legendary.
We believe Bob would be a worthy recipient and excellent choice for the MORAG HUSBAND CAMPBELL MEDAL

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