April 2024 SGA Newsletter Published

The South Georgia Association’s April 2024 Newsletter has been published.

It contains articles about:

  • CA Larsen
  • The Quest and South Georgia
  • Endurance Expedition Polar Medal Donation to the SG Museum.
  • Shackleton Memorial in Westminster Abbey
  • SG Cemeteries Website rehosting
  • SG Scientific Research 2023-24
  • Salisbury Plain and Bay of Isles Place Names
  • SGHT Update from SG
  • SG Government News
  • SGA News
  • Bill Block Obituary

Members’ paper copies will be in the post soon and the e-copy is online via the News menu above (If you need the password it will be emailed to members soon after publishing – it is the same as last time).

Older issues are free for anybody to download from the newsletters page of this website. (Now including last April’s Newsletter)

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