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SGA Initiative Fund Award to Shackleton Stage Project

This year the Association has awarded a grant to James Burke and colleagues for a project entitled ‘Beyond South Georgia’ the aims of which are the production of marketing materials to promote the story of Shackleton’s incredible journey from Antarctica to South Georgia and the subsequent rescue of his expedition from Elephant Island. The ultimate aim is to bring this story, and the people and the environments in it, to the stage.

The project will involve a series of workshops to experiment with applying sound and movement to a text in order to generate the artistic ideas to captivate audiences from the stage. Using a videographer to film the workshops, a stage designer to create concept art and a graphic designer to knit it into a cohesive marketing image for moving towards a full stage production. The South Georgia Association is very proud to support such an unusual and worthwhile project.

Frank Hurley's CLassic Grytviken Panorame

RGS Shackleton’s Legacy Exhibition is Open

The Royal Geographic Society in London are currently holding an exhibition – Shackleton’s legacy and the power of early Antarctic photography – that is now open until 4 May. It is free.

The South Georgia Association supported the creation of this exhibition, so do go along and see how it looks.

SGA Initiative Fund Award to RSPB for Educational Work in Japan

A grant has been awarded to assist this project by the use of social media to raise awareness of the impact of fisheries bycatch on South Georgian albatrosses. It aims to conduct public outreach in Japan and put pressure on government, tuna and other fisheries stakeholders to take action to reduce albatross bycatch.

Dictionary of Falkland (and South Georgia) Biography Update

David Tatham – researcher, erstwhile Commissioner for SGSSI, and chair of the SGA – informs us that the online version of his Dictionary of Falkland Island Biography continues to expand and has recently been augmented by its 1,500th photograph.

In 2010 the South Georgia Association helped to place copies of the original printed version in a number libraries and museums.

The following press release has more details, and below that you will find a link to the DFB website.

Madeleine Brasier, Homeward Bound

The South Georgia Association announces the award of an Initiative Fund grant to Miss Madeleine Brasier to enable her to participate in an all-female leadership training expedition to the Antarctic as part of Homeward Bound. A PhD student studying Antarctic benthic biology at Liverpool University and the Natural History Museum, Madeleine was selected for the one-year Homeward Bound training programme earlier this year. She will be part of a team of 80 women from around the world and is one of only three PhD students from the UK. The programme aims to raise awareness about environmental change, and the gender gap in science, against the backdrop of Antarctica whilst providing the female participants with skills to lead in research and influence environmental policy. The one-year training programme Madeleine is undertaking will be completed with a 3-week Antarctic expedition on which her leadership and innovation skills will be tested in extreme conditions.

Madeleine’s current research investigates the ecology and diversity of benthic marine animals within the Western Antarctic, including South Georgia. She is also interested in the fisheries monitoring around South Georgia. The link between her research and marine policy is an area she will strengthen with the aid of the Homeward Bound experience.

The aims of the South Georgia Association are to encourage interest in, and concern for, the island of South Georgia. Applications for Initiative Fund grants are welcomed from all who have an interest in South Georgia and who wish to initiate or support projects that will stimulate awareness of, and interest in, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Further information on the Initiative Fund can be found HERE. Coupled with her outreach work as a STEM ambassador (inspiring young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and an education officer for the UK Polar Network, Madeleine will benefit from the training and experience gained in Antarctic matters supported by the South Georgia Association.

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