Ice Tracks Offer Extended

The South Georgia Association is pleased to notify members that the deadline for the 15% discount offer from Ice Tracks Expeditions to join their Shackleton’s Final Quest voyage in February 2022 has been extended to January 2021.

See our previous news item HERE for details.

Morag Husband Campbell Medal 2020 – Awarded to Crag Jones

MHC Medal
The Morag Husband Campbell Medal

The South Georgia Association is delighted to announce the award for the 2020 Morag Husband Campbell medal for 2020 to Caradoc ‘Crag’ Jones, ““For contribution to fisheries management and scientific studies, and for championing adventurous travel, exploration and mountaineering on South Georgia”“. The medal will be presented to Crag at the next Association meeting.

Event Postponements: South Georgia Association AGM and Gilbert Whites House Talk

The South Georgia Association Committee regret to inform members that the Spring Meeting/AGM planned for 8 May 2020 on HQS Wellington has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We hope to re-schedule later in the year and will provide details when the situation becomes clearer. Meanwhile we wish all our friends and members well.

We have also heard that the 19 March Oates Antarctic Talk (see events page) has also been postponed. See HERE for details.

Ice Tracks: Shackleton’s Final Quest Voyage

The South Georgia Association is delighted to notify our members of the Shackleton’s Final Quest voyage that has been scheduled for February 2022.

Organised by Ice Tracks Expeditions in collaboration with our friends at the James Caird Society, this spectacular voyage on the the newly launched MS Seaventure will pay tribute to the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration. The voyage is timed as a commemoration of the centenary of Shackleton’s final voyage south – the Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition (1921-22), commonly known as the Quest Expedition. Shackleton’s sudden death on the voyage on 5 January 1922 was a defining moment in the Antarctic age of heroism, which still resonates today.

The 20-day itinerary features the Falklands, South Georgia and a number of sites in the peninsula and surrounding islands, including (weather permitting) Elephant Island. Guests will also have the opportunity to fly on to Buenos Aires and cross the Rio Plata to Montevideo, the city that gave Shackleton a hero’s funeral.

For those that may be interested in the trip, Ice Tracks is offering an early bird discount of 15% off for anyone putting down a £500 refundable deposit by 29 February. This will secure a berth until 5 August 2020.

For further details, including a detailed itinerary, kit requirements and costings, please visit the Ice Tracks website HERE: and download a leaflet with more information here

Ice Tracks 2020 Flyer (459 KB)

Recent Satellite Photo of South Georgia

The European Space Agency has published this satellite photograph that was taken in December 2018. It shows the whole island on a rare clear day. Receding glaciers such as the Neumayer can be seen. A high-resolution version can be downloaded HERE.

Morag Husband Campbell Medal 2019 – Awarded to Sally Poncet

The South Georgia Association is delighted to announce the award for the second year of its newly struck medal for 2019 to Mrs Sally Poncet, “For outstanding contributions to the study and conservation of wildlife and heritage of South Georgia“. The medal was presented to Pat Lurcock, representing Sally, at the annual spring meeting of the Association in London.

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